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Case Studies

  • Faith Lutheran Day School
  • Strategy, UX Design, Development
  • AssetBuilder
  • Strategy, UX Design, Development
  • Innovation Compounding
  • Strategy, UX Design, UX Architecture

Show Case

  • Wait Rate
  • UX, Research, UX Design
  • McDaniel Nutrition
  • Strategy, UX Design, Developement
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • UX Design, Development
  • AIGA Design Week
  • UX Design, Development
  • Marks
  • Visual Design

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  • About Zack Davis

Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen.

Walk down any street in America and talk to the first 10 people you meet. Each of them will have a slew of new business ideas. We are drowning in ideas. So, why isn’t everyone rich and the CEO of the greatest startup?

One word…Execution.

Anyone can have an idea, but they don’t know how to execute.

I’ve fostered a unique skillset of design, technology, and strategy in the past 12 years in resource-starved startups. I excel at building processes that help scale products and shape teams. I understand the importance setting a vision, team focus, and creating the product that the customer wants.

You have a great idea. And I can bring it to fruition.